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IMPORTANT:  These are intended as brief answers to common questions.  All members should read and understand Clubhouse policies, booking instructions and reservation policies as outlined on this website.

Q. How do I book a room at the SWC Clubhouse?

A. There are directions on the SWC reservations page that give you step-by-step directions on how to book a room.

Q. Am I booking a room or a bed?

A. All rooms on the first and second floors are booked by the room. The third floor is now bookable by bed.

Q. I booked for myself and want to add a friend. How do I do that and do they have to pay?

A. First step - your friend must be a member.  If they are not a member, they can easily sign up here on this website.

Then, you must send an email to with the BOOKING ID from your reservation, and your friend's Membership ID. The reservations team will send you a payment request with instructions within 3 - 5 business days. 

NOTE:  If your stay begins within a few days, send a text message to our booking number 802-585-3830 along with the BOOKING ID, and MEMBERSHIP ID of the friend.

Q. I booked a room but closed out the website before I paid. How do I pay?

A. You must send an email to with the BOOKING ID from your reservation. The reservations team will send you a payment request with instructions within 3 - 5 business days. 

NOTE: If your stay begins within a few days, send a text message to our booking number 802-585-3830 along with the BOOKING ID.

Q. I booked a room but my plans changed, can I get a refund?

A. Yes, read the Cancellation policy found here.

Q. My children are coming with me. Do I have to pay for them? 

A. Children age 17 or under are free, as long as they are staying in your room. 

Q. You used to allow members to bring friends. Is that still allowed?

A. As long as your friend is a member, sure!  All people staying at the house must be members.  We are a member-owned, member-run clubhouse and you are paying to help cover the costs of the house when you stay.  The first reason you have to be a member is related to our insurance policy for events and people staying at the clubhouse building.  The second reason is related to compliance with Vermont state law regarding rental properties and air BNB.  By requiring that everyone is a member of the club, we are not required to charge you various room taxes, and we are not considered a short-term rental.

Q. I have a voucher from a cancelled stay/work weekend. How do I use it?

A. There is a voucher field in the booking form on Beds24. Put the number of vouchers you are using (1) in that field and it will deduct the cost of one room from the price. Refer to the instructions here.

Q. Can I bookmark the Beds24 link and share it with others?

A. No and no, and never! The only way you should book is through the SWC website when you are logged in as a member.

Q. What do I have to bring to stay at the Clubhouse?

A. Sheets and blankets or sleeping bag; towels and toiletries; lunch, dinner and snacks and a great attitude! Breakfast items are available for you to use. 

Q. Is there good Wifi at the Clubhouse?

A. Yes, there is good Wifi at the house.  There are three access points: office/kitchen and fireplace room. 

Q. How do you control the heat?

A. We recently installed Nest thermostats to get our expenses under control. The heat is set for 62 degrees at night and 68 degrees in the morning and evening on weekends. There is a control in the kitchen and another in the office. If you are there during the week, you can adjust them by pushing on the dial and then turning to the desired temperature. Be sure to turn it down when you leave.

Most rooms have an electric baseboard heater that is controlled by a thermostat on the wall in the room. MAKE SURE TO TURN THIS OFF WHEN YOU AREN’T IN THE ROOM AND WHEN YOU LEAVE! We want to keep the booking price low, but if people keep leaving these on, we will have to raise the price.

Q. Is there a cleaning service?

A. There is a cleaner who services the house every two weeks to clean the common areas. That means you have to clean your room and do a quick cleanup in the bathrooms and kitchen/dining area when you leave.

Q. Why are there cameras at the Lodge?

A. Cameras are installed in the kitchen, by the sign-in desk and the fireplace room.  These are for your safety, and to make sure that the stoves are turned off and the fire is safe. 

Q. When do I get the code to get in the door at the Clubhouse?

A. The current code is included in your confirmation email.    Print out your confirmation email and keep it safe!  Tip: Don’t use your work email to book a room. Many employers use a firewall that will prevent you from receiving a no reply email from Beds24 and you won’t get the code. 

Q.  How are meals handled while staying at the Clubhouse?

A. The club furnishes breakfast supplies.  During your stay,  you are welcome to use the breakfast materials for your meal.  You should plan to bring supplies for lunch and dinner, or try some of the area restaurants.  

During a club Hosted Weekend, the Host will typically cook breakfast on Saturday and Sunday,  and will cook a meal for a fee on Saturday night and possibly Friday night.  You should sign up for the evening meal in advance of your stay.

Q. Is there a fireplace?

A. Yes, currently  SEPT-2023 there is a real working fireplace. 

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