Mohawk Valley Hiking Club


For those who may not have heard, we welcome into our ranks the members of the Mohawk Valley Hiking Club (MVHC). This will add hiking and conservation activities to club activities, which are mostly local in nature. We are thrilled to add this activity to our club. For those that are not up on SWC Club history, the SWC was born out of the MVHC over 75 years ago. There is an excellent history documented by Norm Dibelius in his book Winter Sports. Briefly, the MHVC formed in 1929 to organize group hikes from the Schenectady area. As the 1932 Winter Olympics approached, an interested group made their own sleeping bags and went on a 10 day winter camping excursion to Lake Placid, camping at ADK Lodge lean tos. There was such enthusiasm about the skiing on this trip, that the MVHC membership voted to form a new Club focused on the winter activities. Much of this early club was about developing infrastructure of skiing itself. The club was very busy making skis or experimenting with ski designs such as adding metal edges. As there were few ski areas, the club worked on the development of local ski areas in Pattersonville. The club also organized the first ski trains to North Creek which evolved into the first ski tows, the start of ski instruction and the organization of a First Aid Committee that is acknowledged as the origin of what is now the National Ski Patrol. So, we have much reason to celebrate the merging of MHVC and SWC as we celebrate the 75th anniversary of SWC. 

If you are interested in the book, WinterSports, contact a board member.

Phantom Skis


The S.U.V for backcountry and powder skiing! Our own local ski manufacturer-Dave O'Hanlon. See him in the woods at Gore Mountain



STRIDE Adaptive Sports is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to enriching the lives of children with disabilities through extra-curricular sports and recreation. STRIDE provides community-based integrated programs for children who would otherwise not participate in such opportunities. The benefits are limitless and help cultivate self-esteem to grow physically and emotionally. 

STRIDE's focus is individual life-time learning. STRIDE's mission is to make cultural, educational, recreational, and sport related activities accessible to children who otherwise shy away from social and physical pursuits. There are currently are over 750 children between the ages of 4 and 21 from the greater Capital District region who participate in our adapted programs. These programs include skiing, snow boarding, camping, sailing, white water rafting, bowling, swimming, little league baseball, snowshoeing, teen dances, biking, golf and ski racing. Programs are free to the participants. STRIDE provides the latest technology in adaptive equipment, special teaching techniques, and the special training needed for our volunteer instructors