Our History


In 1933, Vincent J. Schaefer and R. Hosmer Norris founded the Schenectady Wintersports Club. Their intention was to establish a snow train from New York's Capital District to North Creek (the present site of Gore Mountain). While it didn't run in 1933 due to warm weather and rain, it did the very next year. The snow trains were very successful and ran into the late thirties. The snow train offered sports lovers the opportunity to ski, snowshoe, and toboggan. On the day of the very first snow train rain and slush was in abundance and ice skaters found themselves out of luck. In 1976 the Northern New Your Paddlers was formed as a division of the Club to sponsor paddling events and watersports in the summer. 

Today the club offers sports enthusiasts and families the chance to enjoy the outdoors year round. The Schenectady Wintersports Club and the Northern New York Paddlers are family oriented clubs located in New York State's Capital District. During the winter months, many special skiing days are planned. SWC has recently rejoined the New York Capital District Ski Council racing program which provides recreational giant slalom racing at various major ski resorts in Vermont and New York State. During the warmer months of the year, hiking, biking, and canoeing activities are planned for minimal cost to members. 


Time Line 1955-2004

1932 Schenectady Wintersports Club form

32-33 Dr Vincent Schaefer President

1932 Mohawk Valley Hiking Club petitions RR  for Snow Trains with 91 signatures!
1932 SWC working with police to close off  streets for safe sleigh riding
1932 Looking for snow train destinations, Lowville has 8x, N. Creek 4x Schdy snowfall
1932 SWC survey, 75% skis have harness, 90% OK $2 for train,70% yes to free instruction.

1933 SWC looking to hills south of Rotterdam jct for likely ski trail area
1933 Bill Gluesing .shows movies of N.Creek, Boreas River and Wilmington Vt at SWC meeting
1933 Membership 25 cents per member. Club bank balance 89 cents. 
1933 First Aid committee formed L Perret ch (Start of National Ski Patrol!)

33-34 Dr Vincent Schaefer Pres

1934 SWC joins USEASA
1934 Thanks sent to landowners of ski trail areas on Mt Yantaputchaberg (aka Rotterdam hills)
1934 Committee to draw up Constitution appointed
1934 H. Norris reports active instructional program weekends at Rotterdam. "Impossible" at N.C.
1934 Club makes trails better for "average" skiers, builds bridge, and adds new beginner trails 
1934 Committee formed to design pin and emblem for club
1934 New Constitution and by-laws read, amended and accepted at annual mtng
1934 No skiing injuries, but cut on nose treated on train when ice skate fell from overhead rack

34-35 Klaus Sixtus Pres

1935 Dr Langmuir in an interview with Gazette tells of SWC activities
"Rotterdam Hills, 9 trails Ravine, Quarry trails are expert, also has practice meadow
"North Creek has new trail from top of Mt, tow is planned, snow train scheduled"
"Instructors are again: Hoyt, Norris, Sixtus, Dahl, Shaw, Suits and Otto Schneibs"
" Dr Vosburg is teaching his amateur assistants first aid"
1935 EJ Lawton ch trails reports 3 new trails plus two connecting plus improvements
1935 Guy Suits authors regular ski column in Gazette, "closely followed by Wintersports fans". 
1935 Otto Schnieb and Dick Durance give lessons  at Rotterdam hills.
1935 First aid committee collecting data to compare ski and toboggan injuries.
1935 Stan Martin Tranportation ch, reports 2006 passengers on 4 snow trains this season.
1935 Dot Hoyt appointed Ch to educate ski shop personal on proper equipment 
1935 Mr Proctor "Nationally known skier" speaks and demonstrates equipment at meeting.

35-36 F.M.Roberts Pres

1936 Otto Schneibs gives skiing lessons in Rotterdam hills. Otto leads prayers for snow. 
       Otto says" Skiing is not a schport, it is a vay of life and in a tight spot "Schtem like hell"
1936 Lawton and Suits pass USEASA tests to be judges.
1936 Plans to incorporate club under consideration. E. Davis secretary 
1936 Otto Schniebs made Honorary Life member of SWC. Presented pin.
1936 100 SWC ski buttons ordered (and sold) (is our current design the same?)
1936 AP Kellogg reports  Taylor and Summerhayes "certified" by USEASAs Otto Schneib.
1936 Snow train first aid procedures improved. Trail first aid kits now fanny packs.
1936 SWC membership passes 650 mark.
1936 Dr Langmuir donate trophy for best HS team in three events, X-C, Slalom and downhill 1936 SWC "Langmuir" trophy won by Nott Terrace HS vs Mt Pleasant, Scotia, Saratoga and NC
1936 Suits,Baker, Sixtus and Cockrell appointed judges for member certification tests. 
1936 Gore Mt club spots toboggans on hill with telephones at top & bottom.
1936"Pep" meeting lecture, movies with Ingred Holm,  (Swede teaching skiing at Russell Sage)
1936 D&H snow trains to North Creek -Dinner in the diner $1.  2248 passengers this season.
1936 A number of churches have protested SWC ski trains on Sunday. 
1936 SWC Mt Tremblant trip Lv Schdy Midnight Fri Lv StMargerite5PM Sun. (Work Monday?)
1936 NYP&L sponsors SWC weather and snow report on WGY and WOKO

36-37 F.M.Roberts Pres

1937 First mention of using buses to take skiers from Rotterdam HS to top of Crawford Hill

37-38 W.T.Chapman Pres

1938 USEASA instructors school rule #1 "Keep skis close together" 
1938 Otto Schniebs Pres American Ski School, lecture and ski movie (made in  Colorado) $.50

38-39 W.T.Chapman Pres

39-40 W.A.Gluesing Pres

1940 SWCs First ski tow at Wolf Hollow 700 ft rope tow 125 ft drop Lighted for night skiing.

-41 Pasqual Grenfell Pres 

-42 Pasqual Grenfell Pres (John Senn finishes term)

-43 C.M.Rhodes Pres

-44 C.M.Rhodes Pres

-45 Nelson Guildersleeve Pres

-46 Nelson Guildersleeve Pres

46-47 Bill Fordyce Pres

1947 Gazette  "SWC club activities include teaching, lectures, demos and skiing at Wolf Hollow
1947 Instructors Ken Picotte coaching Mont Pleasant, R. Bengston Draper, B Hunt Scotia and    John Senn Union collage. All instructors have taken lessons from Sepp Rupp ie Arlberg method
1947 Gazette photo R. Bengston  in practice session with 14 potential ski patrollers at Wolf H 
1947 SWC sponsors John Jay ski movie "Singing Skis" John Jay is a 10th Mt vet. 

47-48 Bill Fordyce Pres

1948 Jim Todd wins Langmuir trophy at race on Quarry trail  and his prize 7 ft skis!
1948 Gazette photo of 20 meter ski jump (and jumper) at Wolf Hollow
1948 Mtg  Dr Frank Howard lecture and movie "Ski Deep Powder" 645 Members in club!
1948 SWC runs ski bus to Snow Valley.(what was there in 1948?)
1948 L.Lambert writes about North Creek lifts (3000ft T-bar 890vert), trails and SWC skiers
Cleveland Dodge Pres
1949 Gazette photo of Wolf Hollow tow and ski slope
1949 Gazette covers SWC fashion show.  Nylon featured! 
1949 Ray Falacz devises and installs speed governor on Wolf Hollow tow engine

49-50 Carrington Howard Pres

1950 First Tuckermans trip. Chet Rice and at least 3 others
1950 Annual "Skiers are Funny Day" at Rotterdam. John Senn wins with best mens costume.
1950 Fritz Loosli (famous Quebec instructor) lectures SWC, Advises "No stem-No Arlberg"

50-51 Chester Rice Pres

1951 SWC sponsors ski movie about western skiing. Lowell Thomas narrates

51-52 Bob Johnson Pres

52-53 Doug Kerr Pres

1953 SWC comes of age-- 21st birthday, 2 speeches by Dr V. Shaefer added to club archives

53-54 Billy Biggs Pres

54-55 Dick Weber Pres

1955 SWC  ski area moved from Wolf Hollow to north facing slope in Pattersonville. 
1955 Dry land ski school Lead Instructors Tomlinson, Freddie Anderson and Ken Picotte
1955 Some prices: SWC membership $2/yr, Pattersonville rates $1.50 /day, $2.50 season, 
1955 Eddie Taylor founder of Alpine Meadows @ Corinth speaker at club mtng.

55-56 Bob Jordan Pres

1956Mt Tremblant Ski Trip by train 3 days $30 includes everything
1956 Marty Rice Editor of Dope Sheet
1956 Jean Tyminski Membership Chair.
1956 Jan ski trip to Stowe cancelled "Lack of snow"
1956 Feb "No skiing in sight this winter"  Board member 
1956 SWC buys Ski tow for Pattersonville  for $250 plus $60 moving charge.
1956 Mt Tremblant Two Buses needed.
1956 SWC shows Sverre Engen ski movie jointly with Albany Sitzmarkers
1956 NiMo denies permision to club for ski lift under Power line at Pattersonville.
1956 North Creek residents petition Albany to build state ski area on Gore Mt.
1956 SWC sponsors Sverre Engens ski movie as fund raiser
56-57 George Kennedy Pres
1957 SWC sponsors bus trips to North Creek Ski Bowl, Stowe, Speculator.
1957 Kennedy laments small number of  active members. 
1957 Bus trip to Stowe, stay Round Hearth $18 Don Langley Ch
57-58 Lee Tomlinson Pres

1958 Willard Mt opens, Alpine meadows has T bar to top, Pville has better longer rope tow.
1958 SWC dues now $4.50 includes membership in Eastern
1958 87 adults +25 juniors attending  SWC ski school
1958 Clubs newsletter name change from Dope Sheet to Chattter

58-59 Jack Gingrich Pres

1959 SWC contributes $100 to Olympic Ski Team Fund
1959 7 Ski Clubs in NYCDSC Mary Bruno Pres
1959 Christmas party at 1001 Club. No charge for members
1959 Season ticket at Pville $3  ($4 after Jan 1)
1959 SWC holds "cocktail" party at Hogans, 60 attend
1959 1st bus trip of year to Turin "skiing very good" Dick Clowe
1959 Jack Gingrich says Dry Land Ski School underway
1959 Pete Fox shows latest in Ski Equipment

59-60 Dick McDonald Pres

1960 SWC sponsors Warren Miller "Swinging skis" featuring Stein Erikson
1960 32 SWCs on weekend trip to Sugarbush Bitter cold Sat, nice Sunday
1960 USEASA requires head protection for racers. Any kind that will serve purpose will do!
1960 USEASA convention Party and Dance $1 beer 5 cents a glass!
1960 Dick Clowe plans Tuckermans bus trip
1960 Lynn Fox 14yrs old skiing for SWC wins everything. "Olympic potential"
1960 28 take bus trip to weekend at Stowe @Ski Mor lodge $20
1960 Bus trip to Whiteface 2 nights at Rustic Inn $22 Dick Clowe Ch
1960 48 SWCs take 3 day bus trip to Tremblant $30 "sunny and warm excellent snow"
1960 At last spring meeting we had to choose between 2 candidates for Pres & VPs. 
1960 Fox & Murphy present fashion show.
1960 Goldstocks presents equipment program. 
1960 SWC sponsors Warren Miller Movie "Swinging Skis" at Niskayuna HS  First of many!
1960 Christmas party at Elks club,
1960 NYCDSC trip to Zurich at $190 booked solid. Second flight being planned.

60-61 Dick Lewis Pres

1961 Gazette photo and caption "Pattersonville Snow Bowl Four Years Old
1961 100 kids race in SWC sponsored scholastic race at Hickory Hill John Senn Ch
1961 Club Meetings at 1001 Club in Scotia
1961 Jack Gingrich Ch Dry land Ski School with 17 SWC  instructors
1961 Ed Taylor 10th Mt Vet and owner of Alpine Meadows ski area is guest  speaker 
1961 USEASA 7 SWCers complete basic tests, 14 the Standard test.
1961 Club Banquet at Edison Club $3
1961 Oak Mt (Speculator) installs first snow making in Northern NY.
1961 Dick Weber ties for 3rd  (of 59) at USEASA Vet Slalom Race.
1961 Goldstock sponsors $3 day trip buses to 5 areas
1961 In voting for club officers it is recorded that there were two candidates for each office!
1961 There were 35 people on Mt Tremblant trip. 

61-62 Dick Clowe Pres

1962 Pville has new outside powder room (aka John)
1962 Darwin Brudos reports intraclub race for novice, int and expert men & women at N.Creek !962 Stowe Hollow lodge a "raging success" hired "terrific" cook
1962 Mt Tremblant 3 day trip $34 bus, food and lodging Lou Champlin ch
1962 NYCDSC sponsors 24 hr phone for ski conditions reports
1962 SWC and 18+  run bus to North Creek for day  Gertrude Kiess leads
1962 Bus trip to Tuckermans Full @ $30 including lodging at Joe Dodges
1962 Warren Miller show at Linton High School.$1.50 apre party at Van Curler Hotel  
1962 Club mtg- Board members demonstrate calisthenics. 
1962 Fox & Murphy  Fashion Show at Niska Club Dancing afterward Phil Horton Ch 
1962 SWC rents Stowe Hollow Inn on Goldbrook Rd Rates $10 for 2 nights, 3 meals 
62-63 Ray Schlitzer Pres

1963 NYCDSC 3 week trip to Zurich $199. Dick Clowe contact
1963 Steve Ruggles reports 29 enjoyed Tuckermans skiing , bus trip and stay at Glen House 
1963 NYCDSC sponsors First ever Miss Snowflake Contest Walter Clough ch (SWC entrants ?)

63-64 Joe Jankowski Pres

1964 Goldstocks present new equipment program.
1964 Valentine Party planned at Pville Snow Bowl
1964 Walt  Kernozek and Irwin Mortman nominated for NYCDSC Amateur Instructor exam 
1964 SWC sponsors Scholastic Invitational Race at Hickory Hill John Senn ch
1964 NYCDSC sponsors Amateur instructor clinic and exam at Royal Mt Lee T. assists
1964 Rudy Romania chairs Mt Tremblant bus, lodging and meals trip 
1964 Warren Miller movie at Draper HS Fred Thompson Ch
1964 Knickerbocker Ski Show at Albany Armory John Harrod ch
1964 Pete Allen announces 3rd rope tow installed at Pville Snow bowl
1964 Board considering volunteer  lodge chair at Stowe Hollow (instead of hired cook.)

64-65 Pete Allen Pres

1965 Mt Tremblant trip planned for Pres weekend R Romania Ch
1965 SWC at NYCDSC race@Bromley. Gains Mens 1st, Dick Weber 1st, Jack Vohr ch
1965 Dick Weber and Dick Clowe nominated for USEASA board of directors.
1965 Pville ready for operation with  3 lifts. Need more volunteer help
1965 Darwin Brudos builds electronic timing system for SWC races
1965 Neighbors complain of noise and obscene behavior at 1001 club Thursday nights
1965 Mary Kuykendall VP Ski division;  says  "Dryland ski school set to go". 3 locations
1965 SWC again(3rd year) rents Stowe Hollow Lodge. Opens Dec 1 $10 weekend 
1965 Board establishes fines for lodge no shows!
1965 WM Movie "Big Ski Show" @ MP HS $1.75 Fred Thomson ch
65-66 Paul Lozier Pres

1966 Gazette Photo shows Elliot,Lozier,Nickerson,Mary K +8 unidentified off to Tuckermans
1966 Ed Koch & Lee Tomlinson ask for more help at Pville
1966 Mt Mansfield drops 25 cent parking charge! 
1966 NYCDSC Bromley race. Bill Rice 1st, Jack Vohr 3rd Mary K 8th of women
1966 SWC buys 3 helmets for race tean. Jack Vohr
1966 SWC Banquet at Jamaica Inn Chartley Ward Ch
1966 Warren Miller "Ski on the Wild Side"S-GHS $1.75
1966 SWC recognizes Dave Atwell and Ed Koch for outstanding contributions to club
1966 Gazette Photo of Stowe Hollow Lodge  Caption "SWC wants place of their own"
1966 SWC wins first place with booth at Albany Snow Show
1966 Dry Land ski school graduates 160 C.Gray, J.Vohr,G&S.Kennedy, J.Gingrich
1966 Model Ski Mt made SWC booth at Snow show tops in originality J, Harrod plus 30 assist 
1966 Stowe Hollow lodge packed for New Years, All beds, sofas, chairs occupied.
1966 Mary K starts Dear Abby column in Chatter. Letters from Don Petro, Bob Creatura , more

66-67 Paul Lozier Pres

1967 Pattersonville Ski Area will no longer be operated.
1967 NYCDSC sponsors European ski trip 3 weeks 
1967 SWC wins big at Bromley race Both men & womens teams and Bill Rice first individual.
1967 Bud Elliott heads dry land ski school. "All instructors to wear stretch pants for photo op"
1967 Don Hardesty Lodge Chair, publishes Lodge wish list. especially glasses. (even then!)
1967 Lloyd Lambert speaker at SWC meeting. What different areas have to offer
1967  Three Day bus trip with lodging and meals to Mt Tremblant Rudy Romania ch
1967 Annual banquet at Niska club Mary Somerfelt ch
1967 Goldstock sponsors Ski fashion show. 
1967 SWC sponsors Jim Farnsworth Ski Film @ Scotiia- Glenville HS $1.75
1967 High School Ski League formed -- no longer need for SWC to sponsor school races.
1967 SWC Sponsors Buddy Werner league for age 8-13  Charlotte Distel Chair. 
1967 SWC Snow Show Booth Used Lipe devise to check binding release.
1967 SWC board disapproves of plan to develop Hoffman Mt for ski resort (so did voters)
1967 Mt Mansfield to put in Gondola
1967 Stowe Hollow Lodge open Rates $14 weekend , $3 weekday
1967 SWC sponsors 5 dry land ski schools.
1967 Christmas party at 1001 Club, band (3pc), prizes, grab bag, S. Claus, Charlotte Distel ch

67-68 Paul Lozier Pres

1968 Cap Dist Ski Councils first trip to Switzerland $199 (for 3 weeks)
1968 Lee Tomlinson starts checking members binding release at meetings with Lipe tester
1968  SWC square dance at Maple Ridge Ski Area . Geo Schacher caller, Charlotte D. Ch
1968 SWC plans to buy land on Goldbrook Rd and build lodge
1968 6 SWCers pass USEASA Professional test (Includes Charlotte Distel)
1968 Betty Nickerson and Charlotte Distel 2nd in their classes @ Sitzmarker race
1968 SWC votes to buy land on Goldbrook Rd
1968 Tuckermans bus, lodging and food $26 Jointly with 18+ club Rosemary Kverek Ch
1968 Snow show SWC took Polaroid pictures of people standing behind skier cutouts.
1968 Hans Mosher Ski Movie at Glenville HS poorly attended We lost money. 
1968 Cash Jones 1st of 102 in GE race at Pico.
1968 "Lack of interest in Dry Land Ski School this year" Lee Tomlinson
1968 Charlette Distel deserves Party of Year Award for SWC Xmas party at 1001 Club.

68-69 Don Hardesty Pres

1969 Dr Vince Shaefer speaks at mtng on Club history
1969 Bill Rice forming SWC teams(and gatekeepers) for NYCDSC race at Bromley
1969 SWC & 18+ Sponsor Schenectady Cup at Old North Creek  Frank Jankowski chair
1969 SWC holds ski party at Maple Ridge Dot Distel organizes activities includes Keg
1969 Shields Bishop leading a trip to Tuckermans, 30$ bus food and lodging.
1969 Paul Lozier " Good turnout for Schectady Cup Race at Ski Bowl." Sitzmarkers won.
1969 Ev Anderson "SWC race at North Creek cancelled no snow" 
1969 SWC goes on record opposing Dam on Hudson near North Creek.
1969 SWC holds "wine on table" annual banquet at the Golden Fox,  Pat Jankowski Ch  
1969 C.& Bob Distel, P, Lozier , W. Bishop & D. Dyer train 15 subteens in 3 week program
1969 NYCDSC trip to Europe $199 3 week trip (11th annual trip)
1969 SWC holds annual race at Snow Valley Bill Rice and F Jankowski promise free refresh
1969 Ernie Johnson was the first person up the new gondola at Gore Mt. 
1969 Ev Anderson reports racer practice at West Mt  Needs racers and gate keepers
1969 Mtg Pete Fox shows latest ski equipment

69-70 Shields Bishop Pres

1970 Howie Goldstock shows latest ski fashions. Stretch pants, duofolds, colorful parkas etc
1970 SWC sponsoring Warren Miller again. "Sound of Winter" $1.75 advanced purchase 
1970 Tomlinson and Koch head SWC ski schools. Held indoor at Y, outdoors at Maple Ridge
1970 Ski School at 4 locations. 3 indoor and 4sessions@ Maple Ridge. Paul Lozier lead
1970 Fondue and Wine Party at Maple Ridge Fun & games with Charlotte Distel
1970 D. Koch wins dual slalom and a second in Sitzmarker. Millie Ey takes 5th in womens.
1970 SWC superb in GE race. 5th overall, if we had been first SWC would have to sponsor in71
1970 Bill Kornrumpf leads Tuckermans  bus trip $30 inclusive
1970 Mary Anderson 5th in  Stowe Sugar Slalom. Bill Kornrumpf stars as fondue host on Mt top 
1970 Members cleared woods on purchased land on Goldbrook Rd
1970 Warren Miller in person on Saturday night S-G HS "The Sound of Winter"Bob Swenson ch
1970 Mtg at Rocs Rt 50 Goldstock showing the latest ski equipment
1970 SWC Christmas Party at 1001 Club Jim Kinkead  and a few good men (and women)

70-71 Dave Atwell Pres

1971 Race Chair is Millie Ey (now Gittinger). Looking for racers and gatekeepers.
1971 Kickoff Mtg at Woodlin Club  about new SWC Stowe Lodge including artist sketch
1971 Ev Anderson and Mary K  chair Tuckermans Trip $35 or less maybe
1971 SWC annual banquet at Hogans  Helen Schneider Chair . A band is on hand. cost$5.25 1971Steak roast at Lake George: Canoe, Pedal boat or motor from Diamond Pt Mary Anderson
1971Mtg at the Blue Apple Paul Lozier white water stuff, Dave Parker gives news of the  lodge.
1971 Bill Kornrumpf finds a great old farmhouse to become the SWC Stowe Ski Lodge 
1971 Mtg Blue Apple Fox & Murphy present latest ski equipment including "Cants"
1971 Daryl K 1st, D.Dibelius 4th,B.Koch 2nd, Mary K 4th at GE race(13th annual competition)
1971 NYCDSC 11th annual ski trip to Europe $189 for 3 week trip.includes air (maybe only air) 
1971 Gave up on building new lodge. Plan to buy 150 yr old farmhouse in Waterbury Center
1971 Warren Miller here "Any snow, any Mountain" Bob Swenson chair
1971 Gazette photo of Waterbury Center Lodge.  Bonds at $200 being sold to members. 

71-72 Bob Summers Pres

1972 Dave Parker Lodge Chair (remember Parkrumpf room) Photo of lodge in Chatter
1972 "SWC Starts New Year Off Right With Record Crowd at New Lodge" 
1972 Shields Bishop running dry land ski school. Lozier, Koch, Tomlinson plus others help.
1972 Mtg Almy Coggeshal tells about technique and 800 person X-C ski race on Lake George
1972 Tuckermans Bus trip and lodging with Lee Tomlinson  First such trip in June.
1972 SWC sponsors first Schdy Stampede on Muni golf course 85 participants Jim Rooney ch 
1972 SWC meeting at Willard Mt  $3 for lift ticket. Usual meetings held at Blue Apple
1972 Brother/sister team of Daryl and Barbara Koch leading SWC to victories.
1972 Picnic/canoe and sailing etc on/to Asias Island in Lake George P. Lozier leader
1972 Paul Lozier elected VP of newly formed paddler division
1972 SWC banquet at Hogans Helen Schneider Ch
1972 "Greatest Work Weekend Yet" A deed launching (Champagne Party) 
1972 Mtg Wide stance skiing is new methodology per Don Petro head of Dry Land School
1972 Christmas Party at Stardust Bring Grab bag for the Lodge

'72-'73 Jim Kinkead Pres.
1973 Holding meetings at Hogans (Union St) "Learn to be Couth at SWC Wine Tasting Party"
1973 Gluhwein Party at Maple Ridge Mary & Ev Andersons special recipe.Practice race session
1973 "We own Waterbury Center Ski Lodge" Lee T and Bill K guaranteed $20K bank loan.
1973 Second Annual Schdy Stampede planned. Millie Ey, Almy Coggeshal &Jim Rooney lead
1973 Mtg @ Blue Apple Dr Vince Schaefer tells about early days of the club. Did you know?               Guy Suites was first editor of news letter, Dot Hoyt & Irving Langmiur were Bd members 
1973 S. Bishop takes Goldbrook off clubs hands after no takers for 2 years. Money to new Lodge
1973 Mtg White Water Slides and film. Race and roll techniques, Cast Senn, Weber and Lozier
1973 Lee Tomlinson.chairs 40th anniversary party at Towns Tavern . Dot Hoyt Nebel speaker. 
1973 WW Div. V.P. Paul  Lozier and beer keg lead tubing float trip on Hudson Riparus to Glen 
1973 SWC starts  Tow Path Regatta. Announcement cites earlier races on river in 1800s.
1973 Mtg To see footage by WRGB of Towpath Regatta , 200 plus participants,1000+ viewers 1973 Another summer picnic party at Asis Island Lake George with Paul Lozier +many helpers
1973 Dave Parker leads work crew putting new shingles on the lodge roof. 
1973 Fall foliage work party. Bill K furnished the fondue to Mt Hunger worker-climbers
1973 Kornrumpf leads work party to salvage material from Messinas NJ factory for lodge
1973 Warren Miller in person S-G HS "Skiings Great" Marge Van Duynhover chair only $1.75
1973 SWC meeting Goldstocks presents "Whats New in Equipment" at Mama Bianchis
1973 Mary K taking reservations for Christmas Party, Jug Band and dancing. Grab bag for lodge

73-74 Bill Kornrumpf  Pres

1974 Shields Bishop and Paul Lozier demonstrate how to convert old downhill skis to X-C skis
1974 Millie Ey VP of X-C planning lots of X-C events including instruction.x-c 
1974 Rickety stairs from kitchen to Rm 7 removed by persons unknown.
1974 SWC involved and participates in GE race at Pico. Dr Henry Hurwitz Chair
1974 Lee T. reports 18 for Tuckermans trip a " complete success) 
1974 SWC petitions Schdy county in support of the proposed bike/hike trail along river. 
1974 SWC Fields "mean" team for Stowe Derby. Tomlinson,Kornrumpf,Bishop,Anderson,Koch 1974 SWC downhill ski race "Schenectady Cup" at North Creek Snow Bowl, Janet Diamond Ch
1974 60 plus skiers in first Schdy Stampede very successful. Mayor Duci fires starter gun.. 
1974 Dibelius family takes honors at Mechanicvilles 1st white water race on Tenendaho
1974 Towpath Regatta great success over 200 contestants . Patneaude and Leith 3rd
1974 Sugar Maple trees planted at lodge in memory of Willis Smarup.
1974 Meeting with Jimmy Fox and his Canting machine.(Remember cants?)
1974 Meeting Shields demonstrating new push button combination lock for Lodge door
1974 NYCDSC Trip to Geneva 8days $328 land and air.
1974 Snow Show at RPI field house. SWC booth models lodge fireplace room. Mary Anderson 1974 Warren Miller Movie@ S-GHS a "outstanding success" Bob Smith Ch
1974 Christmas Party at Vikings , Mary  Anderson and Sue Atwell making arrangements

74-75 Lee Tomlinson President

1975 Bill Motisher becomes lodge director. Work weekends continue.
1975 Mtg at 1001 Club 1980 Olympic Preview  Dr Madden of  Olympic O.C. speaker 
1975 Postponed Schdy Stampede 60 entrants, Starter Mayor Duci, Ev Anderson Chair (+ Mary!)
1975 Gazette "SWC is Ski Racing Powerhouse Due to Koch Family"
1975 Kornrumpf, Tomlinson and Bishop represent club in Stowe Derby
1975 Betty Nickerson leads  Tuckermans bus(?) trip Cost is now up to $45
1975 Dry Land Ski School continues. Ed Koch lead instructor
1975 SWC participates in Rodgers Rangers X-C ski race on Lake George
1975 Mary Kyrkendal Long time Chatter Editor leaves Schenectady  for GE headquarters
1975 Canoe/Kayak Pool sessions start at ParksideYMCA
1975 Mary & Ev Anderson presented SWC award for Outstanding Contributions at Banquet.
1975 SWC joins American Canoe Association, Neal Ramer joins SWC Paul Lozier Ch
1975 94 boats in Towpath regatta.,  D Patneaude and D Lieth first (except for 4 man canoe)
1975 Asis Island Picnic and water party. Paul Lozier Honcho Power boats to Island for some. 
1975 Mtg Neal Ramer shows White Water Racing Film
1975 2nd annual Thanksgiving at the Lodge 
1975 12th Annual Warren Miller @Scotia-Glenville HS  "There Comes a Time" $2.75 

75-76 BettyNickerson Pres 

1976 Towpath Some winners Patnaude, Ramer, Goyette, Elliot & Shields (in anything goes) 1976 91 participate in Schenectady Stampede
1976 Mtg Neal Ramer shows film "White Water Slaughter"
1976 28 SWC members at Lloyd Lambert day. Also Lloyd plus 3 children and 6 grand children  
1976 Shields makes movie of SWCers in Stowe derby
1976 Paul Lozier leads expert paddlers on Hudson River trip from Newcomb to North River
1976 139 craft, 289 participants in 9 classes in  this years Towpath Regatta
1976 Neal Ramer organizing paddler events for Schdy bicentennial celebration
1976 1st Apple Line Slalom on Sacandaga River 170 boats reported.
1976 Thank you Bill Motisher for rewiring the lodge "A switch in every room"  
1976 Warren Miller Movie@ Scotia-Glenville "Skiing on my Mind"
1976 New Maple Floor in Lodge Thank you Lois Buhrmaster and Dennis Madden

76-77 Paul Lozier Pres

1977 5th annual Schenectady Stampede. 68 entrants, mass start. Jim Underwood wins
1977 Start winter pool sessions. Now  reported in first issue of Blade.
1977 End of era of SWC Dry Land ski school. Start of midweek lessons at night at Maple Ridge
1977 NNYP sponsor NYState White Water Championship Series, 4 events on 4 Rivers
1977 Constitution changed  Neal Ramer VP of paddlers NNYP now is Pres of NNYP. 
1977 Mary Stodgell hosts Tuckermans trip (bus, lodge etc)
1977 Practice paddler race sessions start on Mohawk River
1977 21 at Lodge with Lee (now Lodge Chairman) for 4th of July weekend. Paddling and hiking. 1977 SWC wool hats Blue & Gold  with fondue pot (aka mouse, tank etc) go on sale
1977 Paddlers install answering phone at Pete Pfaffenbachs home. 
1977 45 SWC Boats in General Clinton Race at Bainbridge
1977 Ed Miller joins SWC (just checking to see if you got this far)
1977 1st Annual Doc Lieth Canoe Classic on Sacandaga River 
1977 Towpath regatta scores again with  363 participants!
1977 Neal Ramer leads annual picnic to Aisas Island in Lake George
1977 NNYP helps Lake Luzern Fall Festival  set up Slalom race on Sacandaga River
1977 Warren Miller "In Search of Skiing" $3 Scotia-Glenville Lois Buhrmaster Chairs. 
1977 Pool practice sessions popular from Cohoes to Burnt Hills
1977 Gazette photo of Parkrumpf room Al Molnar noted among others
1977 SWC honors L.Lambert with lifetime membership. Lloyd forms 70 plus club.78 members

77-78 Mary Stodgell Pres

1978 Mid week Group Ski Lessons at Brodie at night (I remember the intense cold)
1978 Chatter reports "More x-c skis at Lodge than downhill" 
1978 NNYP has grown to have 14 separate committees or projects each with own chair.
1978 NNYP  to sponsor 6 races (in addition to Towpath and Electric City)
1978 NNYP  Pool sessions so popular that extra sessions scheduled
1978 SWC members prepare to help in 1980 Olympics in Lake Placid
1978 L.Lambert freebee again popular. SWC members easy to see in Blue /Gold hats. 
1978 SWC presents lifetime membership to Dot Hoyt Nebel
1978 21 Workers at Lees work/play weekend at Lodge for 4th of July.
1978 Neighbors complaining that SWC lodge is taking all their water.
1978 NNYP fields 4 teams on Bainbridge race . All win! There were 130 other teams!
1978 Mary Bruno and family join SWC.(are you still reading?)
1978 Second  Doc Lieth White Water Classic on Sacandaga River, canceled lack of signups
1978 First report of Biking at Lodge. Joint weekend with 18+ club. 
1978 Ed Miller leads.25  hiking and canoe campers at Follonsby Clear Pond (First of many)
1978 NNYP defeats powerhouse Rat Pack from Athol Mass 3 to 1
1978  45 @ First Leaf Peeping Weekend. Ed Miller Chair
1978 4th annual T day at Lodge Mary Stodgell chair
1978 "Regaling at the Ritz" Christmas party with Sonya Mansbach Ch.
1978 Jack Mango (treasurer) reports over 775members at year end!
78-79 Jim Batsford Pres

1979 Jeanne Weaver replaces Scott Sirota as Pres of NNYP
1979 Schenectady Stampede canceled , lack of snow Bunny Mansbach Ch
1979 Lee T reports lodge being fully booked "regularly" 
1979 "Highly Successful" fun day at Adirondack Ski center Ed Taylor leads X-C trip 
1979 SWC board recognizes Irene Jankowski and her mother for work taking lodge reservations.
1979 Nancy Dibelius reports 60 SWC/NNYP s at Bainbridge aka Gov Clinton race
1979 Lee T reports 30 at lodge for spring work/play weekend.
1979 45 participate in first/last Grass Skiing at Adirondack Ski center. "Harder than it looks"
1979 Ed Koch, Charlie Barnes and Ernie Johnson SWC reps on NYCDSC
1979 Bob & Linda Cooley run "Highly successful" Scroon Riiver WW Race
1979 Meeting Moved from 1001 Club to Unitarian Church on Wendell Ave
1979 Bob Zapolski does equipment program at meeting
1979 Mary Stodgell organizes booth for snow Show and team to run it. 
1979 12-1300 tickets sold for WM at Proctors "Movie well received" Ed Miller Ch
1979 Christmas Party at Unitarian. First as Pot Luck. 
1979 SWC adopts no smoking in Attic or Bedrooms policy. 
1979 Bob & Ellie Smith take over Lodge reservation system. "Hurrah!" 

79-80 Jim Batsford Pres

1980 Ice skating party on Erie Canal  to entice weather gods to send snow. They didnt 
1980 SWC/NNYP  contribute $400 to help McLain brothers train for Olympics 
1980 2nd Fun Day at Adirondack Ski Center canceled Lack of snow.
1980 Jens Brondel. "in spite of disastrous snow season, we had 8 x-c trips"
1980 First annual SWC summer picnic. "19 on one softball team" "ran out of Beer"
1980 SWC meeting, Olympic volunteers tell about experiences at Lake Placid
1980 Liability insurance rate double or triple. Big Problem for club. 
1980 Jeanne Weaver reports outstanding finishes for club members at Hudson WW Derby
1980 Ed Miller reports successful Spring Fling, "see you next year". 
1980 SWC picnic held at Pickneys Grove, 
1980 NYCDSC races cancelled with many racers helping at Olympics
1980 Jeanne Weaver reports we had 29 teams in the Gov Clinton race at Bainbridge.
1980 Linda Cooley reports a successful "Water Fun day" at Good Times Restaurant 
1980 Nancy Dibelious "We had 147 boats in Towpath regatta. Largest since 1976."
1980 SWC purchases big glass beaded screen to improve quality of WM movies
1980 May Stodgell "SWC didnt win-again!" Booth was good and we had fun.
1980 Lois Buhrmaster hosts Thanksgiving with Turkey at the Lodge Mimosas for Breakfast
1980 Marge Van Duynhoven "1450 tickets sold for WM". "Bouquets for all the helpers"
1980 Bud Elliot leads special Olympics at Stowe. Volunteers guests of SWC at Lodge.

80-81 Ed Miller Pres

1981 Schenectady Stampede postponed again for lack of snow.
1981 Bud Elliot organizes Tuckermans trip but not enough people signed up.
1981 Lois Buhrmaster does spring fling. Fondue at Lodge instead of at Octagon.
1981 SWC dues increased to $9 (from $8)l 
1981 1981 Don Patneaude chairs 7th annual Electric City Regatta
1981 Rain on SWC picnic but 90 people enjoyed the company. Marge Van Duynhoven chair
1981 NNYPs win all classes in Mohawk Valley Canoe Relay (there were no kayak classes!)
1981 Fall Canoe camping trip on Islands in Lower Saranac Lake. Trip filled to capacity
1981 Warren Miller "Biggest crowd yet" Apre WM  parties start at Jim Kinkeads
1981 "Lodge loaded for Christmas Week" 56 signed up for Ed Millers New Years Party

81-82 Ed Miller Pres

1982 Five SWCs win seasons ski council races. D. Koch, McCormick, Eglites, Barnes, Anderson
1982 New concrete block basement installed under fireplace room and dining room.
1982 1st Annual Steinmetz Triatholon SWCs (Kornrumpf , Senn and others) help ACS  run it.  
1982 10th anniversary of Towpath regatta. Grown to 25 classes 150 boats
1982 Thursday biking starts
1982 Two NNYPs make US team  Cris McGrew and Jim Underwood
1982 Kaydeross White Water Derby canceled. Strainers made it very unsafe.
1982 NNYP sweep all 7 classes on Tenandeho races
1982 Fall canoe trip to Cedarlands Scout Reservation near Long Lake Ed Miller leads
1982 1900+ people at Warren Miller Movie The First held at Proctors

82-83 Tom Mortka Pres

1983 50th anniversary Banquet, Henriette Slosek chair Mary K movie director. Over 230 attend.
1983 Lack of snow spoils holiday skiing but the ice skating on Green River Reservoir was great.
1983 SWC racers 1st at Bromley, 2nd at Pico, Jiminy peak and Snow Valley
1983 Tuckermans trip cancelled Lack of snow!
1983 21st running of General Clinton (aka Bainbridge) 
1983 Towpath regatta Dave Dibelius chair, 161 boats, 300 plus racers 
1983 25 at spring fling Mary Anderson  chair, J.Taylor and Frank C built Bar in Fireplace room 
1983 NNYP schedule shows 24 races for June alone
1983 Annual Fall Canoe Camping trip returns to Follonsby Clear Pond Ed Miller ch
1983 NNYP starts 1st annual Barge Chaser  canoe race
1983 Warren Miller movie draws record 2400 at Proctors!

83-84 Tom Mortka Pres
1984 Schdy Stampede canceled lack of snow!
1984 Tuckermans bus trip canceled-- lack of signups
1984 "SWC Racers Triumph" 1st at Bromley, Mt Snow and Jiminy peak
1984 Lodge dining room extended 10 feet toward road. 
1984 Electric City Patneaude first in both super canoe and stock canoe classes ( how can it be?)
1984 NNYP Fun Night great success at "Coolyland"
1984 Ski Magazine "it was trains that introduced skiing to the masses"-- cites SWC snow trains
1984 Biggest ever Warren Miller " Worried about over selling-so no advance tickets after Thurs"

84-85 Mary Mortka Pres

1985 Bus trips tried again. about 20 each trip to Mt Snow, Stratton Okemo Council ski race days.
1985 SWC racers take all 4 Ski Council races this year
1985 SWC again supports Steinmetz triathlon over 189 entries
1985 NNYP sponsors Electric city Don Patneaude in three of 18 classes. (Is it possible?)
1985 SWC having bike nights every Thursday
1985 Warren Muller  Steep and Deep" draws record 2700 at Proctors. Winnie Wilhelm Chair
1985 SWC gives $1500 sled to Gwen Allard�s handicapped program. SWC�ers  teach there

85-86 Mary Mortka Pres

1986 Schdy stampede only 25 participants in spite of new snow. Jens Brondel breaks trail 
1986 Bill Watkins reports a super ski race season with SWC sweeping all events
1986  90 in Tenendaho with 8 classes. Patneaude in only one. 
1986 NNYP has 5 relay teams at Gov Clinton 3 1sts, 1 2nd, 1 8th, Race biggest in North America
1986 SWC Summer picnic held in rain at Ed Millers but he was in Korea 
1986 New triple track storms and screens added to lodge. No more flying off ladders in the wind. 
1986 Paul Lozier leads SWC volunteers in support of  400 Steinmetz Triathletes
1986  SWC awards $1000 to Gwen Allard�s handicap program 7 SWC instructors in Gazette pix
1986 Warren Miller goes to two performances Friday night and Sunday afternoon. 

86-87 Jim McHugh Pres

1987 X-C skiers now have own VP Joyce Bower, and lots of activity.
1987 SWC has fun night at Eagle Mt in Pattersonville. This is NOT site of old SWC area.
1987 NNYP Barge Chaser moved to Grafton State Park
1987 Summer sports picnic moved back to Pickneys Grove record turnout of 120! 
1987 Towpast led by Shields Bishop. 95 boats  182 contestants
1987 Fairbanks hosts 2nd Sailboard outing at Scroon Lake. Sailboards also were at Fun day.
1987 NNYP paddlers fun day moved to Gorden French�s at Glass Lake. 
1987 Tenth year of Fall canoe camping. Celebration with Jean�s cake, Marilyn�s brownies (she       with us all ten years)  and Ruth�s "Follow the See-thru-Canoe" ballad and singing in the rain
1987 Fred Davis chairs Barge Chaser at Grafton.10 classes plus "recreational race" (Oxymoron?) 
1987 Lodge full for New Years eve. Patti Nolan whips youth brigade in Limbo dance.
1987 Mtg Movie demoing Tekna ski. (Was this forerunner of snowboard?)
1987 Gazette photo shows burning of lodge mortgage by Bob Smith, Lee T and Bill K look on.

87-88 Jim McHugh Pres

1988 Mtg Don Trebel demo�ing and teaching folk dances of eastern European counties
1988 NNYP Sue McCormick Chairs 2nd annual "YKWTCOTD" banquet.
1988 Mtg Fashion show. Clothes (size 8) straight from Snow show in Los Vegas. C.McHugh 
1988 Stampede canceled
1988 SWC/NNYP contributes to Audubon Clean Water programs
1988 SWC  Mens advanced ski team has undefeated season. 
1988 NNYP Full schedule of races. For instance  24 in month of May!
1988 Towpath regatta Shield�s chairs 30 classes. There were 3 entries in pedal boat class!. 
1988 Fall Canoe camping moved to SWC Lodge. 16 canoes on Green River Reservoir plus
         Hikers on Mt Elmore for 11th annual watermelon eating and seed spitting contest
1988 Jean Vanderzee Chrs Warren Miller "Escape to Ski" with apre party at Hennrieta Slosek�s
1988 NNYP participates in 6th annual 90 miler. Record number of boats(163), 283 paddlers.
1988 Mary Bruno and Joan Garrigan 1st time chairs for Turkey day at the Lodge
1988 Lee T reports work weekends a success. New windows, new stove and much unseen work

�88-89 Warren Burton Pres

1989  Lots of X-C trips, Bowers, Brondel, Blum, Dibelious, Burton, McHugh, lead
1989 Tuckermans car pool trip Pete Pfaffenback leads
1989 SWC awards $1000 to NYCDSC Education Fund and $1000 to STRIDE disabled program
1989 Smoking prohibited in Lodge except near burning fireplace.
1989 Boston Bob skis 42 runs = 98000 vertical in one spring skiing day. 
1989 Mt Mansfield claims a 160 day season. Best spring skiing in two decades.
1989 Crowds attend Thursday nite bike rides organized by Sonia Mansbach.
1989 NNYP wins @Gov Clinton Men�s relay 1st,Mens comp 70miler 1st, Mixed comp 7th.
1989 Scroon River flat water, Jean Vanderzee with 23 boats. Land owner orbits as we portage.
1989 NNYP works with Red Cross to start Riverfest race in Scotia. 63 finishers Linda Cooley Ch
1989 NNYP Start Wednesday night time trials on Mohawk.
1989 Shields Bishop again heads Towpath Regatta  26 classes, a host of entries.
1989 Heitzman &Burton run fall camping trip to Follonsby Clear Pond (Ed�s in China)
1989 Lee T leads first fall work weekend with 22 helpers. Lots accomplished
1989 Paul Lozier with Kornrumpf, Bishop, Senn and others  run another Steinmetz Triathlon. 

89-90 Warren Burton Pres

1990 X-C ski trips all over, ie Rockwood Forest, Garnet Hill, Partridge Run, Prospect Mt 
1990 First Sophia Leary Luau. with great spring skiing for desert. 
1990 7 SWCers traverse Hoffmans Notch with help of Uncle Donny who drove shuttle 
1990 Spring fling delayed a week to insure no snow! Warren Burton Chair
1990 SWC Picnic back to Little Troy Park with Terry Tamer.Chair
1990 Blade reports 69 boats in Ausable race,  and a whopping 280 on the Westfield River race
1990 NNYP racers take 1st in 6 classes of North Creek WWDerby which had 144 boats
1990 Towpath Regatta Jim Contois Chair reports an "enormous field" in 27 classes. 
1990 Linda Cooley leads Riverfest again with thunder and lightning 47 boats and brave crews
1990 NNYP starts "Learn to Paddle nights" Lots of interest. 
1990 Mtgs start at Muni Golf Club with Wine tasting. Blind test shows SWCers like it cheap.
1990 Don & Heather Treble host Leaf Peeping Weekend with gourmet cooking.
1990 Warren Miller again at Proctors  Friday and Sunday. Apre party at Bob & Ellie Smith�s
1990 Joyce Bowers VP X-C claims "We never missed a weekend w/o a trip somewhere"

90-91 Mary Jane Cleary Pres

1991 New Years Eve with Martin Olstad the newest retiree and host of the "Toast" 
1991 Mtg Lapland Lakes gives program on Skating with Skis (the  "new" technique)
1991 Jean Vanderzee wins trip to Snowbird with winning NASTAR times. 
1991 Al & Elaine Fairbanks "Do" Easter. Excellent food, good skiing " Best grooming ever"
1991 Lee T "Spring Skiing was the Greatest" Joyce and Warren " another perfect spring fling"
1991 First ever Retirees "Weekend" From Sunday night to whenever. Ruth Dibelius Chair  
1991 Cold River Lodge X-C weekend with Joyce Bowers, Sharon Schmidt and the McHughs 
1991 NNYPs crowd award stage at Gov Clinton Tin Lizzies 1st, Mixed Cruisers 1st, men 3rd
1991 Towpath Regatta Craig Arnstrong & Marshall Knapik chair 80 Boats Good Weather 
1991 Thursday night biking starts. First ride from Lee Tomlinsons. 
1991 First X-C ski Trip to Camp Fowler  Sharon Schmidt-Linn chair Jens and Ruth ski guides
1991 X-C Trips Jack Rabbit with Elzenbeck, Crandell Park with Mary Lou, Piseco with Joyce
1991 Harry Roberts dies. Started Electric City Regatta before there was a NNYPs
1991 Sue Brisley, avid paddling competitor, succeeds David Rubin as Blade Editor
1991 Mtg Matt Shea tells about Camel Trekking through  India
1991 Bill Watkins reports" five 1st individual and four team 1sts in two council races"
1991 Mtg "Human powered Boat Design" with Shields Bishop
1991 3rd Annual " You-know-what- the-club-ought-to-do-banquet" Kraig Armstrong chair
1991 First "Holiday" Party at Woodlin Club Previous parties were called Christmas Parties.

91-92 Mary Jane Cleary Pres 

1992 Jens leads Rt8 to Garnet Hill X-C trip. Skier falls into river, survives wet trip to G.H.Lodge 
1992 Ice breaker race Saranac Lake, Sue Brisley 1st in C-1,Bob & Heidi Underwood two1sts K-1
1992 LeeT ,after operation, back in harness. Leads spring work weekend. Now have town water
1992 NNYP & ADK join teaching white water skills
1992 NNYP at Tenendaho race. Bob Underwood 1st Kayak, Bob & Linda Cooley fastest canoe.
1992 North Creek WW Derby . Bob Underwood 1st kayak, Crandell & Underwood 1st canoe
1992 Chatter editor Bill and Gina (now also) Kornrumpf biking in France & Switzerland
1992 Jens Brondel leads 32 Spring Flingers Hiking  (to Nebraska notch) and Biking and more.
1992 Scroon River Race Heidi Underwood Chair, Bob Underwood wins
1992 75  SWCers at Mohawk Park picnic+ 2 Chinese (first time canoe and square dance) guests
1992 Towpath regatta 32 classes incl "other". Adams & Knapik chair lead many volunteers.
1992 A "million" people at Gov Clinton, NNYP in winners circle.
1992 Cindy Wahn leads 2 day 100 mile bike ride Essex - Stowe- Essex with two ferry crossings
1992 2nd annual "Smell the roses canoe trip" on Lake Champlain Ken Corsetti host
1992 Lois Perret Schaefer dies Wife of first Pres. Organized first Ski Patrol in country.
1992 Mtgs move to Sons of Italy hall in Schenectady. 
1992 Christmas Party at Woodlin Club Music by the McHughs Michele Goyette chair

92-93 Ken Corsetti Pres.

1993 SWC x-c skiers explore trails and back country near Copper Mt. Miller& Brondels lead
1993 Ice Skating party at Gorden French�s. Glass smooth ice on Glass Lake! Gloria Blum leader
1993 SWC 60th birthday party. at Eagle Crest G.C. Sold out! Michele Goyette chair "A BLAST"
1993 First NYCDSC  fun day at Mt Haystack Party & ski games  Goyette, Watkins and Corsetti
1993 SWC x-c to T lake falls(highest waterfall in Adrondk. Don P brings them home in the dark. 
1993 Monday night Learn to Canoe sessions start at Lock 9 park. 
1993 Towpath Regatta Jim Adams and Marshall Knapic organize 30 classes for 200+ entrants
1993 4th July @ lodge Bulgarian dancing and food. Geo & Sonia Long Chair with Don Trebel
1993 2 Impressive work weekends with 20 and 18 workers. Lodge in great shape Lee T leading 
1993 Annual club picnic @ Mohawk Marina 80+ attended Michele G. leader of fun and games.
1993 4th annual feeder canal race. Alec Davis first, Joan McCauley and Kim Lozier 1st women
1993 Warren Miller 2 shows at Schdy HS apre H. Sloseks Marilyn Aurilio ch. Proctors faulted
1993 NNYP 5th annual YKWTCOTD dinner at Carm�s Terry Tamer chair.
1993 Christmas Party Woodlin Club Santa opens gifts for lodge. Dancing Michele Goyette Ch

93-94 Ken Corsetti Pres

1994 X-C with Dana Elzenbeck along Northville-Placid trail
1994 Full sched of X-C. Local, Garnet Hill,  Partridge Run, Wilcox lake, Camp Fowler Jens B.
1994 Gore Mt starts handicapped program. Jean Vanderzee leads volunteer instructors.
1994 1st (ever) NYCDSC  appreciation day at Pico. 250  skiers (various clubs) attend.
1994 Coldest Stowe Derby ever. Alec Davis was lone SWC entry.
1994 21st annual Tenendeho whitewater race. NNYP takes most honors.
1994 SWC wins season honors,Dave Vanderzee, Jim Adams, Carl Grund, Bob Burgess excel  
1994 Pete Pfaffenbach continues tradition , leads trip to Tuckermans.
1994 Alec Davis +Gary Colton win Ice Breaker race. Knapic and  Brisley top of their classes
1994 Dues inceased to $18, First increase since 1988.
1994 Mary Bruno and Ken Corsetti start tradition of cookouts on Monday learn to canoe nights
1994 Cindy Wahn chairs first Hot tub bike hike weekend at Lodge.
1994 NYCDSC�s first Hudson River dinner cruise on  Dutch Apple. Marilyn Aurilio assists
1994 Gen Clinton Race won by NNYP womens team(59 minute margin!)Individuals did well too
1994 Jean Vanderzee leads canoe campers on Bog River to Lows Lake.
1994 Alec Davis leads1st Paddler Columbus Day  Weekend at the Lodge to rave reviews.
1994 10 Gal paint weekend.(spray and brush) 14 workers did lots incl hanging historical pictures 
1994 W. Miller movie Back to Proctors who couldnt make the sound track work. It was awful!
1994 NNYP wins all 8 of the  point series honors at NYCRA award dinner. 
1994 SWC arranges free rerun of W. Miller Movie. Tickets available at all ski shops.
1994 Christmas (now called Holiday) party at Woodlin Club Joyce Bowers and Gloria Blum 
1994 New Years Eve Lodge, Full house, Chinese grab-bag, Dancing , Champagne Ed Miller host

94-95 Ken Corsetti Pres

1995 Bob Morrison new VP Alpine recruiting for SWC ski team
1995 Dott Neff leads SWC X-C skiers  Jackrabbit trail etc at Climbers Lodge Keene NY
1995 X-C skiers @ Brian Head Resort Utah, base for x-c, alpine and hiking at 10000 ft Ed Miller
1995 Bruno/Patnaeude lead 2 week canoe camping in Florida.  From Okefenokee to Everglades
1995 NNYP do well at Gen. Clinton Womens relay 1st, A. Davis and McCauley 1st senior men
1995 22nd Annual Tenendaho WW Derby Alex Davis /D Patneaude fastest aluminum canoe
1995 Dozen paddlers survive violent microburst  on Oswegatchee River.Trees fall very close
1995 2nd annual Polo party 25 seen stomping divots at break. .Jean Wentworth chair
1995 Mary Bruno/ Don Patnaeude lead dozen paddler/campers  down Allagash River in Maine
1995 9th annual Grafton Lakes Barge Chaser Fred Davis ch, A.Davis fastest C-1
1995 Lee Tomlinson died, A devoted SWCer still giving to the club over many many years.
1995 Clouds threatened but do not spoil NNYP/SWC fun day at Glass Lake. Gordon Host.
1995 2nd annual Paddler weekend at Lodge 40+ Paddlers, bikers, hikers and botanists F Davis
1995 Warren Miller "Endless Winter" back at Proctors with sound! J.Bowers ch Apre at Millers
1995 Bill Kornrumpf leads 24 on first work weekend honoring Lee.
1995 24 workers make 2nd fall weekend biggest ever. Work Sat, play Sunday with 5in new snow 
1995 New Years Eve party Mary Bruno the most recent retiree "Host of the Toast"

95-96 Terry Tamer Pres

1996 Jens Brondel VP X-C reports having more than one trip /weekend for all skill levels.
1996 SWC helps Norm Dibelious publish "Winter Sports" tales of early skiing including SWC 
1996 Hickory Hill (Lee Tomlinson�s other passion) cuts new trail  named " Lees sporty scoot"
1996 Stowe�s Easter Sunrise, free skiing and gormet brunch with Fairbanks  7 ft of snow on top!
1996 23rd Annual Tenendaho WW derby 10 classes 
1996 Winter skiing on Stowe�s last day, then "Great spring skiing Whiteface, Mt Snow" E Miller 
1996 Michele Goyette host Spring Fling with hiking (to Nebrasks Notch) and biking
1996 Geo Astle takes baton from Sonia Manbach and keeps bikes rolling Thursday nites
1996 Annual Fun Day at Gordon French�s with 65 SWCers Boating, swimming and partying.
1996 3rd annual paddlers weekend A. Davis host.
1996 Warren Burton leads Leaf Peeping on his 55th birthday and first as a retiree!
1996 Shaped (hour glass) skis make debut. Doug Roylance tells what�s new at SWC meeting. 
1996 Warren Miller "Snow Surfing" spectacular success with Jens Brondel chair 
1996 6th Annual "YKWTCOTD" banquet. Claudia Rosenholtz and Mary Bruno hosts
1996 New Years Eve at the Lodge Mary Bruno plans dancing, fine food, champagne & grab-bag

96-97 Terry Tamer Pres

1997 Jens Brondel leads full x-c program, Sterling Valley, Moose Pond, Upper Works Piseco etc
1997 19 SWCers enjoy Jack Rabbit Trail and Climbers Lodge @ Keene Dot Neff leads
1997 Mtg Matt Shea tells about his Archeological dig in Belize
1997 The Fairbanks host another Easter @Lodge. Sunrise service, free skiing and gourmet food. 
1997 Rodger and Joan Henry first in class @ Icebreaker Race (with snow&cold) at Saranac Lake 
1997 Kornrumpf leads workers to finish new half baths and other good things Sat, play Sunday
1997 Annual SWC spring picnic at Scotia elks Club. Joyce Bowers and Michele Goyette chair
1997 NNYP�s have several firsts and seconds (especially relay teams)at the Gov Clinton race.
1997 SWC/NNYP Fun Day at Gordon Frenchs. Water sports, bocci, hot tub, pot luck and etc
1997 Mary Bruno organizes once a month pot lucks for Monday night canoe sessions.
1997 First mid August-mid week canoe camping at Follonsby Pond started Ed Miller leads
1997 Alec Davis leads NNYP�s on  hundred miler Fulton Chain canoe trip.
1997 3 consecutive leaf peepers,  Ed Miller, Alec Davis(paddlers) and Bill Kornrumpfs (work)
1997 24 NNYPs place well in Adirondack Canoe Classic. Alec Davis gains a first in his class.
1997 SWCs own Millie & Clark Gittinger complete 2000 mile 14 State Appalachian Trail hike 
1997 Warren Miller "Snow Riders"1450 at Proctors, Jens Brondel ch, Apre party at Lois&Wills
1997 Walt Kangas leads in restarting SWC ski racing program.
1997 7th annual Paddlers honored Mary Bruno with love. "Most miles w/o a canoe" Sue Brisley 
1997 26 busy beavers install new kitchen floor (and more) at Lodge . Play Sunday.
1997 First SWC family day at Mt Snow 94 SWCers and friends take part. 
1997 SWC/NNYP take part in Schdy Holiday Parade. Drag canoe with effigy of Uncle Donnie
1997 Holiday Party held at Edison Club.
1997 38 Revelers at the lodge for New Years Eve with Ed Miller and a case of Champagne. .

97-98 Walt Kangas Pres

1998 SWC continues success with Family days at Plattekill and Mt Snow
1998 5th annual Camp Fowler(Piseco) X-C skiing adventure with Jens and Ruth Brondel
1998 Great spring skiing reported at lodge by Easter revelers with Elaine and Al Fairbanks
1998 Rebuilt SWC ski team has good season  with Capt Walt Kangas
1998 NNYP participate in 25th annual Tenendaho WW Derby  8 classes 
1998 Warren Burton leads Spring Fling with hiking, biking and flinging at the lodge.
1998 Thursday night bike riding starts with Margeret Parks again in the saddle. 
1998 Monday Night paddling (D. Patneaude) and Wed night time trials (A. Davis) start
1998 Towpath Regatta  Sue Brisley Chair,  Classes for all, 150 + competitors. 
1998 65th Club birthday celebrated at Spring Picnic Scotia Elks Club, Michele Goyette Chair
1998 SWC/NNYP annual fun day at Gordon French�s 
1998 NNYP sponsors Electric City Regatta  (a points race for Canoe Assoc) Sue Brisley leads 
1998 Back to back Leaf Peeping weekends with Ed Miller and then Alec Davis and the paddlers. 
1998 August Canoe Camping, Ed Miller led SWCers on the historic Route of the Seven Carrys
1998 NNYPs dinner at Pettas Don Patneaude(Uncle Donnie) roasted (with Love)
1998 No Warren Miller Movie this year! WM organization goofed. 
1998 NNYP sponsors Barge Chaser Race at Grafton Parks. Alec Davis/ Sue Brisley best time.
1998 SWC Holiday Party at Schdy Museum ,Michele Goyette ch. Zapel music, Fairbanks food 

98-99 Walt Kangas Pres

1999 New Years Eve at Lodge Jerry Spring hosts champagne celebration of her retirement. 
1999 SWC 6 person race team starts season with two never eve racers. Louie Kangas excels.
1999 Mtng Canoeing the wild Nahanne (Br. Columbia) with Cathy & Chet Harvey
1999 Margerat Parks (on crutches) gets help from George to lead busy (every wk) X-C season
1999 Mary Goyette VP Alpine arranges discounts beyond those of NYCDSC and race days.
1999 Mtg Bob Cooley tells about the "joys" of winter mountain climbing (hes a winter 46er)
1999 Biking season starts again with Margerat Parks coordinating
1999 Chatter/Blade goes monthly with first class mailing to get the word out on time.
1999 Sophia Leary hosts another exotic Hawaiian Luau with hula dancing and all (but no poi!)
1999 Bikers help Michelle Goyette make  "4th of July at the Lodge" a success.
1999 SWC holds annual picnic at Grafton State Park. Lots of activities thanx to Charlotte Distel
1999 SWC party and watch polo at Saratoga with Dick & Jean Wentworth
1999 New and improved Follonsby Canoe camping trip features no portage days Ed Miller
1999 Louise Kangas creates Web Page for SWC. As we enter the 21st century.
1999 Clay concretions discovered on shore of Waterbury Reservoir by SWC  leaf peepers
1999 Greg Nazarian big band plays for 66th  SWC birthday party. Ken Corsetti , the arranger.
1999 SWC�ers in Schdy holiday parade with float, canoes, other toys. Charlotte Distel leader
1999 SWC booth wins first prize at Snow Show. Anna Dugan organized.
1999 New film "Fifty"  celebrate 50 years of WM movies. First time split between Palace and 
Proctors. SWC efforts yield record attendance 1400 at Albany 1200 at Schdy.
1999 SWC party at Schdy Museum. Food by Fairbanks, music by Brian Zapel, C. Distel chair

99-00 Walt Kangas Pres

2000 New Years Eve lodge lights go out at 2YK. Pranksters found at fuse box. Nobody fooled 
2000 Chatter becomes available via Email.
2000 Terry Tamer and Doris Ramirez bring a bit of sunny Puerto Rico + Spanish food to Lodge 
2000 SWCs own Hannenberger family wins Skiing Magazines contest for how to ski cheap!
2000 Walt Kangas reports "Great Season" for ski racers
2000 Anna Dugan tells about the great x-c wknd at the Climbers Lodge Keene NY. Dot Neff ch
2000 X-C skiers out every weekend and more. Some trips with CASTA Margerate Parks VP
2000 Jean & Warren Burton host snowy, cold M.L.King weekend . "Terrific Skiing"
2000 22 SWCs greet sunrise on "The Mt", free rides, return for Gourmet brunch E&A Fairbanks
2000 Thursday Bike Rides start with Coordinator  Judy Brandow 
2000 17 Willing workers complete 30 chores on Saturday, party and play with Bill Kornrumpf
2000 Spring flingers sight Moose Sat, then canoe thru flooded Poltney R trees Sun. Ed Miller ch
2000 Annual SWC/NNYP picnic at Grafton Park.. Charlotte Distel Chair Good food & fun
2000 Labor Day at Lodge with Mary Bruno and Marilyn Aurillio. Canoeing (of course)+ more
2000 Follonsby Clear Wknd , Grand weather and new and no portage day trips. Ed Miller
2000 Sue Brisley leads NNYP with successful Towpath, Electric City and Mohawk Valley Races
2000 Fall work wknd 20 workers guided by B Kornrumpf "get it done" Saturday,  play Sunday
2000 25 canoes with paddlers from 16 to 82 yrs participate in Barge Chaser Race at Grafton Park
2000 First time SWC Mtng at a winery. Larry�s Vineyard in Altamont. Sampling allowed.
2000 SWC/NNYP paddlers demo club activities at Schdy Holiday Parade. Charlotte Distel chair
2000 Proctors and Palace again for W. Miller Movie First time reduced price for kids.W. Kangas
2000 Holiday party a Dancing success at Sons of Italy with real band Charlotte Distel  Chair

00-01 Walt Kangas Pres

2001 Mtg Millie & Clark Gittinger  tell about their Round the World steamer cruise.
2001 Terry Tamer holds 2nd annual Latino Festival at the Lodge Spanish food, Latin dancing.
2001 Cheap skiing SWC and Council efforts paying off with 40 discount offers in chatter.
2001 SWC supports Grafton Park Winter Festival. Geo Astle leads x-c skiing trek
2001 Start of SWC Time line project. Mary Bruno volunteers to Chair Archive Committee.
2001 Sophie Leary does Hawaiian Luau at Lodge. Gives Hula lessons after feast. 
2001 Spa Park chili party hides surprise SWC honors for Shields Bishop and Paul Lozier 
2001 Walt Kangas leads SWCers to Tuckermans Good weather and snow to Pinkham Notch. 
2001 Joe Clark honored for work at Double H Disabled program. Other SWC vol�s  recognized
2001 Easter at Lodge with Al and Elaine Fairbanks. Sunrise service and gourmet brunch.
2001 Walt Kangas reports ski team did "great" with 4 second place finishes and 14 skiers.
2001 Dot Hoyt Nebel dies at 95.  Olympic racer, taught John Senn, In US Skiing Hall of Fame
2001 Heavy NNYP race schedule, 13 in month of June! Kim Greiner
2001 SWC/NNYP summer picnic at Grafton State Park Jon Skalwold host.
2001 The first no portage canoe camping trip at Follonsby Clear with EdMiller
2001 NNYP Electric City Race @ Rexford "A Success" with 21 classes 120 finishers Alec Davis 
2001 Leaf Peeping and Paddlers Weekend at the Lodge combined with Alec Davis host. 
2001 16 SWCers finish Kornrumpfs tasks, W Kangas wins longest Champagne cork contest
2001 Warren Miller at Palace And Proctors. "Success" Walt Kangas Chair Lots of Vols
2001 Annual Paddler Dinner at Pettas. Noralee Ichtoak guest of Honor.
2001 First Holiday Party at Garnet Lake. Jon Skalwold chair.  X-c, snowshoe, a few @ Gore 

01-02 Walt Kangas Pres

2002 Mtg Mary Anderson Show and tell about old time SWC activities before Waterbury Lodge. 
2002 Cheap Skiing grows with Race day discounts, council days, Sage trips, and Stowe Cards
2002 Margetet Parks VP Nordic reports lots of X-C activities. Every Wknd and more.
2002 Mtng Close up and personal with polar bears at Churchill Bay with Bill & Gina Kornrumpf
2002 Terry Tamer host Fiesta Latina  at Lodge with Caribbean food and music.
2002 Walt Kangas crowned Super Vet Champ Says "All SWC racers did well- Great Season"
2002 Ski helmets become popular with SWC skiers. "they reduce visit to AMC trauma center"
2002 Spring fling/ work weekend  26 Flinging workers get it done but rain curtails play
2002 Gorden French hosts pot luck,  BYOB, hot tub and sports day at Glass Lake. 
2002 Triple treat (3 Wknds) spring skiing with Tamer, Fairbanks and Leary gourmet hosting. 
2002 Jean Tyminski enters SWC Hall of Fame. A zillion years  Meritorious Membership Service
2002 Cyd And Shields Bishop host 4th of July at the Lodge. No water in Waterbury Res.
2002 24 SWCs attend Polo Match in good weather. Dick & Jean Wentworth provide the tailgate.
2002 SWC/NNYP Annual Picnic at Grafton Park. Lat Schmidt chair. Pot luck and goodies
2002 3 great October wknds, Burtons Leaf Peeping, Miller Paddlers and Kornrumph work& play
2002 Historical interest! First mention of shaped skis in the Chatter
2002 Bomber�s (J Anderson) 23rd annual ski clinic at "the Mt" Many SWCs have taken part
2002 Warren Miller Movie Storm. Walt Kangas Coor. 500 at Proctors, sold out (1000) at Egg.
2002 Mtg Bob Wright  show & tell about SWC ski trip to Banff and Lake Louise.
2002 Mary Bruno hosts Thanksgiving at the Lodge,  Water too hard for canoeing Ok for Ski

02-03 Jon Skalwold Pres

2003 "Winter starts with Bang" 40 inches of snow in two weeks. 50 people at lodge to enjoy it
2003 SWC goes outside to publish Chatter/Blade. Bill Kornrumpf and Kim Greiner still edit. 
2003 Albany Med offers Ski helmets for bargain $40. Hope to reduce trauma cases
2003 Brondels again host Camp Fowler x-c wknd. "Perfect snow" for 18 SWCers
2003 NYCDSC negotiates 40 cheap skiing days at major ski areas. 
2003 SWC ski racers bring home 6 golds, 7silvers, 1 bronze in 4 council races W Kangas leader
2003 2 Major Telemark ski events held in Stowe/Mad River Lat Schmidt SWC leader
2003 Council Fun day at Bromley features Skier Skill comp. Technique not speed or air. 
2003 Bike Rides start.  Judy Brandow "Looking for a few good hosts"
2003 Eleven SWCers enjoy week in Canadian Rockies with Bob Wright leader.
2003 Mary Brunos 80th birthday party at Sons of Italy Greg Nazarian band "no rsvp just come"
2003 Lodge work party "gets it done" Relax with Champagne cork shoot- salvage contents
2003  Anne Bailys slide show "Canoeing the Dordogne" SWCers in southern France
2003 NNYP organize Paddlers  Columbus day wknd at Lodge. Kim Greiner chair
2003 Another mid week no portage canoe camping trip to Follonsby Pond area. E Miller ch
2003 Anna Dugan organizes booth and staff for SWC booth at Snow show. Sold tickets & recruit
2003 WM "Journey" Record  3500 at Palace and Proctors. SWC promotes but not responsible.
2003 "Highly successful" Holiday party at Garnet Hill Lodge. Mostly Nordic,  some at Gore first
2003 NNYP Banquet at Attanasios. Mary Bruno & Noralee assist Uncle Donny host
2003 Terry Tamer hosts "New Years Eve party at the Lodge. 

03-04 Jon Skalwold Pres

2004 Mtg "What Hickory Hill is all about" Amy Martin tells why many SWC skiers are involved 
2004 Dot Neff hosts potluck wknd for X-C skiers at Climbers Lodge in Keene.
2004 1400 Pin heads at Telemark festival at Mad River Glen Lat Schmidt leads SWC  skiers
2004 NYCDSC negotiates many cheap weekday tickets plus discounts for Sunday race days
2004 "Norway in a nutshell" Warren Burton shows his prize winning video of X-C ski trip
2004 SallyDewes presents exciting WW program with "Difficult" kayak stretches aka waterfalls. 
2004 "Historic Ski Trains" Mtg with Bill Schaefer. His dad started it all!
2004 Jens Brondel leads X-C day at Lapland and nearby wilderness. Back to dinner before dark.
2004 Race season ends. Good year for SWC,  Walt Kangas wins Super Vet Trophy in close race. 
2004 Gina Kornrumpf replaces Bike ride coordinator from Judy Brandow. Thanks Judy & Gina
2004 CDSC Fun day. Jon Skalwold wins technique competition. Third SWC president  to do so.
2004 Lil Jankowski and Mary K-Weber organize SWC oldtimer day at Maybee Farm
2004 Dorie Valenti organizes members pictures in slide show at annual mtg and ice cream social
2004 Ruth Dibelius Starts "Friends of Kaydeross " to improve recreation and its natural beauty. 
2004 Dawn Miller takes baton from Smiths as Lodge reservation person.
2004 Terry Tamer and Michelle Goyette host Summer Lodge weekend
2004 Mtng Ellen LaFontaine shows SWCers enjoying  horseback riding at Dude ranch in Adks.
2004 Leaf Peeping and Paddlers wknd  5 canoes. 1 kayak explore Lamoille River 1 swc swims
2004 Bob and Ellie Smith honored by club for 25 years of dedicated lodge reservation work.
2004 Ray Assilin organizes booth and staff for Snow Shoe. Sold WM tickets and club recruiting
2004 4000 Tickets sold for WM "Impact" Celebrate WMs 80th birthday. Tickets at Palace $20
2004 SWC has float,canoes, skis and rollerbladers in Schdy Holiday parde,Rich Vanderwood ch
2004 Darwin Brudos arranges gift of GE Elfun computer and LCD projector to club. 
2004 John "Bomber" Anderson runs 25th annual ski clinic at Stowe. Not just for racers.
2004 3rd Annual Holiday party at Garnet Hill Resort. Rich Vnderwood ch 
2004 Dorie Valenti takes over as Race chair from Walt Kangas. Race program continues to grow