Motivated by our club's tradition of supporting local racers, which dates back to Dot Hoyt before WWII, Schenectady Wintersports Club supports Chris Beckman. Chris is a US Ski team member and our top contender for downhill gold in the next Olympics. Chris grew up in Altamont, and learned to ski with Freddie Anderson at Maple Ridge. 

Following are Notes from the Trail, by Chris Beckman, as well as Beckman Sitings by SWC Members. 

December 1, 2008 

From the Chatter.... Keep your 2009 World Cup eye on our DH "freight train" Beckmann An article in the Nov. l8 Ski Racing Magazine cited Chris Beckmann: "The freight train who roared through three World Junior Championships placing sixth in DH in 04, second in 05, and getting the gold in 06. Similar curves mark other competition levels." Now that he is on the Men's US Ski team, let's send him down the fast track with lots of cheers. The magazine notes he's heading in the right direction: "Of particular note was a Europa Cup win claimed in an Italian Super G, a third in the U.S. national DH, and fifth in Super G. His point profile shows he knocked ten ranking positions off his downhill, l00 off his super G and l00 plus off super combined. For the SWC bikers, Chris' off the hill activity is biking. His equipment sponsors are Atomic, Uvex, Lek and Hohmenkol. 

November 17, 2008 

Chris Beckman Siting by Mary Kuykendall 

Just got a copy of Ski Racing Magazine and they have a picture of Chris Beckman in it....he was called "Freight Train" with his winning streak on the Junior team...didn't realize he was on the cover (but didn't know about him then) in 2006 when he won the gold as the DH Alpine Junior Championship. Anyhow, now that he's with the big boys this season, we'll have to keep an eye on him....he is a really a nice person and, of course, anybody that stays to help drain the keg (at Maple Ridge) is tops in my book. 

October 10, 2008 

Hi Bill, 

Sorry for taking so long to get something to you. I headed out West after the 75th anniversary and then down to Chile after that got back home on the 6th, when I ran across the Ski Chatter letter and reminded myself I was suppose to get something to you. But anyways, here is something for you to throw in there. I believe you said those get published mid month, so i hope it is able to make it in. If there are any changes or things you think should be added, feel free. 

This past trip to Chile went well, didn't get the powder skiing in we did last time, but we did get some really good training. Just had the 22nd birthday yesterday and other than that, not much is new. Heading West to get a couple weeks in the gym before the season gets in full swing. 

I just got a new macbook thanks to good old grandma, but I don't have any word programs or anything so i figure you can just copy and paste into what ever program is used. 

Home sweet home, well I just returned from South America for the second time this summer. If you can remember I had just flown in from Chile on the day of the SWC 75th anniversary, which brought me back to where my skiing career began. It's hard to believe that it all started out sliding down the snowy slopes of good old Maple Ski Ridge and now my ski racing career has brought me to the steep icy slopes of the Chilean Andes. I just wanted to catch up and say thank you for having me as your guest of honor at the SWC 75th anniversary. It was great to meet so many of the club members and to see that priceless slide show. I would like to thank you all for your support. It is a great reinforcement to know that I have the support of such a great club and the support of so many local skiing fans to help me reach my goals of winning olympic GOLD. 

I will be trying to get some sort of monthly update in so I can keep you all up to date on my progress and where I am in the world. I hope that this blog, if you will, will help you better track my progress and help you learn about my interesting life as a ski racer. If you would like to help support my challenge to Olympic Gold.

For now, I am home for a few days before I head out to Utah to hit up the gym for a few weeks before we get back on snow again in Colorado in early Nov. Ski racing has become my life, a full time job, but hey, the worst day on the slopes beats any day at the office